DevOps for VMware Administrators (eBook)

DevOps for VMware Administrators (eBook)
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Product Type: Digital Product
  • ISBN-10: 0-13-379528-4
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-13-379528-8
  • Copyright 2015
  • Pages: 384
  • Edition: 1st

DevOps for VMware® Administrators is the first book focused on using DevOps tools and practices with VMware technologies. The authors introduce high-value tools from third parties and VMware itself, and guide you through using them to improve the performance of all your virtualized systems and applications. You’ll walk through automating and optimizing configuration management, provisioning, log management, continuous integration, and more.

The authors also offer step-by-step coverage of deploying and managing applications at scale with Docker containers and Google Kubernetes. They conclude with an up-to-the-minute discussion of VMware’s newest DevOps initiatives, including VMware vRealize Automation and VMware vRealize Code Stream.

Coverage includes:
  • Understanding the challenges that DevOps tools and practices can help VMware administrators to solve
  • Using Vagrant to quickly deploy Dev and Test environments that match production system specifications
  • Writing Chef “recipes” that streamline server configuration and maintenance
  • Implementing Docker containers for faster and easier application management
  • Automating provisioning across the full lifecycle with Razor
  • Integrating Microsoft PowerShell Desired State Configuration (DSC) and VMware PowerCLI to automate key Windows Server and vSphere VM admin tasks
  • Using Puppet to automate infrastructure provisioning, configuration, orchestration, and reporting
  • Supercharging log management with ELK (Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana)
  • Supporting DevOps source code management with Git and continuous integration practices with Jenkins
  • Achieving continuous integration, delivery, and deployment with VMware’s vRealize Code Stream

About the Author

Trevor Roberts, Jr.
is a Senior Technical Marketing Manager for VMware. Trevor has the CCIE Data Center certification, and he is a VMware Certified Advanced Professional in the Data Center Design and Administration concentrations. In his spare time, Trevor shares his insights on data center technologies at http://www.VMTrooper. com, via the vBrownBag Professional OpenStack and Professional VMware podcasts, and on Twitter (@VMTrooper). His contributions to the IT community have garnered recognition by his designation as a VMware vExpert, Cisco Data Center Champion, and EMC Elect.

Josh Atwell is a Cloud Architect for SolidFire, focusing on VMware and automation solutions. Over the past 10+ years, he has worked very hard to allow little pieces of code to do his work for him through various automation tools. Josh is a father of two boys with wife Stephanie, and a daughter is on the way in early 2015. Based in the Raleigh, North Carolina, area, he enjoys time with his family, golf, audiobooks, and trying new bourbons. Josh has been highly active in the virtualization community, where he’s been a leader of technology-based user groups such as CIPTUG, VMUG, and UCS Users Group. Josh has worked with others on preparing for their professional development pursuits through the vBrownBag podcast and the Virtual Design Master competition. Josh is also a regular public speaker and contributing author to the Mastering vSphere series. Never known for lacking an opinion, he blogs at and talks shop on Twitter as @Josh_Atwell.

Egle Sigler (@eglute, is currently a Principal Architect at Rackspace. She started her career as a software developer, and still has a soft spot for all the people that write, test, and deploy code, because she had a chance to do all of those tasks. Egle dreams about a day when writing, testing, and deploying code will be a seamless and easy process, bug and frustration free for all. Egle believes that knowledge should be shared, and tries to do so by writing this book, giving talks and workshops at conferences, and blogging.

Yvo van Doorn
has more than a decade of system administration experience. The first part of his career, he manually built out and configured bare-metal servers. At Classmates, Yvo became a champion of configuration management and virtualization. Before joining Chef, he learned firsthand the power of VMware’s products when he moved a small Seattle technology company’s complete production stack over to its virtualization platform. He’s a strong believer in the culture change that comes with DevOps. When he isn’t busy spreading the gospel of Chef, he’s probably enjoying a hoppy IPA, exploring the great outdoors, or celebrating his Dutch heritage while eating a wheel of gouda and watching Oranje lose the World Cup. Yvo lives with his wife and black lab in Seattle, Washington.