Study smarter, not harder

Prepare for your next MCP exam with a Microsoft Official Practice Test, powered by MeasureUp--the only practice exam endorsed by Microsoft.

What can a Microsoft Official Practice Test for Microsoft Certifications do for you?

  • Get hands-on experience with online, performance-based simulations
  • Prepare for the real exam with questions mapped directly to Microsoft objectives
  • Find detailed explanations for correct and distractor answers—with references
  • Drill down into personalized score reports to identify your strengths and where you need to improve

Test-Pass Guarantee

We're so confident that you will pass your certification exam after successfully passing the MeasureUp practice test, we guarantee it!

Make the most of your practice exam

Practice mode

Practice Screen

Start in Practice Mode and access detailed explanations with reference material listings on the topics you need.

Score report

Score Screen

Use your Score Report to identify objectives where your score is lower and more study is needed.


Review Screen

Continue using Practice Mode to review answer explanations and better understand the concepts being tested.

Certification mode

Certification Screen

When you’re ready, use Certification Mode to practice in a realistic, timed test environment. Feel confident that you know the material once you score at least a 90 in Certification Mode—twice. Now, you're ready to take your exam!

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