Property and Casualty Insurance License Prep Course - KY

Property and Casualty Insurance License Prep Course - KY
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Property and Casualty Insurance License Prep Course - KY

The Kentucky Property and Casualty Insurance License Prep Course offered here from 360training is just one of the numerous, highly rated insurance certification courses produced by a company responsible for helping many thousands of individuals meet their state's insurance licensing requirements. This premium online property and casualty insurance training course consists of three parts that, together, will provide you with state-of-the-art study materials designed to enable you to successfully pass the Kentucky State Property & Casualty Insurance licensing exam. They are:

Online Prep Course - This instructional content starts with the basic definition of risk and goes all the way through to the intricacies of Commercial Policies and Workers Compensation Liability. Materials are presented in an easily understood, step-by-step teaching style and focus on the concepts, vocabulary, and product information you'll need to pass your licensing exam.

Prep Courses contain interim quizzes, a summary of key points for each chapter and a rigorous final exam that provides adequate indication of whether you're sufficiently prepared to take the state's live exam.

A comprehensive Resource Guide that mirrors the style, sequence, and content of the prep course effortlessly highlights critical points and removes the tedium of having to take notes.

Our Online KY Property and Casualty Insurance classes have proven extremely effective in helping students pass state licensing requirements with lead instructor Jack Frick having trained more than 13,000 individuals and enjoying a 90+-percent success rate. The third important feature of this Property and Casualty License Course is the Live Instructor Connect that allows you 30-days of one-on-one instructor tutoring via telephone/email with a dedicated trainer.

KY Property & Casualty Insurance License Prep Course Outline
Part I: Property and Casualty Fundamentals

  • Chapter 1 Building a Property and Casualty vocabulary
  • Chapter 2 Contract Law
  • Chapter 3 Basics of Property Insurance
  • Chapter 4 Basics of Liability Insurance
Part II: Personal Lines
  • Chapter 5 Homeowners and Dwelling policies
  • Chapter 6 Personal Auto Policy
  • Chapter 7 Watercraft and Flood policies
Part III: Commercial Lines
  • Chapter 8 The Commercial Package policy
  • Chapter 9 Commercial Property
  • Chapter 10 Commercial General Liability
  • Chapter 11 Crime and Fidelity Bonds
  • Chapter 12 Equipment Breakdown Coverage
  • Chapter 13 Other Commercial Policies: Auto, Marine & Farm
  • Chapter 14 Business owners Policy
  • Chapter 15 Workers Compensation and Employers Liability
Part IV: State Insurance Laws
  • Chapter 16 State specific Insurance Law
  • Chapter 17 State specific Property & Casualty Insurance Law
  • Chapter 18 State specific Property Insurance Law
  • Chapter 19 State specific Casualty Insurance Law