Life and Health Insurance License Prep Course - IL (15 Classroom Hours are Required)

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Life and Health Insurance License Prep Course - IL

Selling insurance requires that you, as an agent, be properly licensed in the state where you'll be doing business. While each state may have similarities in its insurance licensing requirements, each also typically has those unique to its particular jurisdiction. The Illinois Life and Health Insurance License Prep Course put out by 360 Training insurance education is specific to the State of Illinois and introduces you to what you'll need to know in order to successfully pass the state insurance licensing exam. Here are some specifics:

  • These Life & Health Insurance classes online are a prerequisite to the required 2-day live class (15-hours) you must attend prior to sitting for your state insurance exam.
  • These state-of-the-art insurance pre-licensing courses provide a proven means for learning the concepts, insurance products and vocabulary needed to pass the licensing exam.
  • This premium package is "all meat," with no fluff information included. The critical knowledge you need is presented in an easy-to-understand, step-by-step instructional method that's crisp, conversational and free of any legal jargon.
  • This health and life insurance certification training includes interim quizzes so you can monitor your progress and a final exam to let you know if you're ready to face the live licensing exam.

Coursework also includes a useful Resource Guide to use as a reference that effectively removes the need to take tedious notes during your study. Editors of this material include certified classroom instructors, testing engineers and insurance company trainers. You'll also enjoy 30-day access to a live instructor by phone or email for answering questions or explaining difficult concepts.

IL Life and Health Insurance Course Outline:

Part I: Introduction to Life & Health Insurance
  • Chapter 1 Purpose of Insurance
  • Chapter 2 Contract Law
  • Chapter 3 Underwriting and the Application

Part II: Life Insurance
  • Chapter 4 Traditional Life Policies
  • Chapter 5 Flexible Feature Life Policies
  • Chapter 6 Policy Provisions
  • Chapter 7 Policy Options
  • Chapter 8 Policy Riders
  • Chapter 9 Annuities and Retirement Plans
  • Chapter 10 Business and Group Life
  • Chapter 11 Social Security

Part III: Accident and Health

  • Chapter 12 Health Foundations
  • Chapter 13 Medical Expense Policies
  • Chapter 14 Disability Income Policies
  • Chapter 15 Uniform Individual Health Policy Provisions
  • Chapter 16 Group Health Insurance
  • Chapter 17 Medicare and Medicaid
  • Chapter 18 Limited Health Insurance Policies

Part IV: State Insurance Laws
  • Chapter 19 General State Insurance Law
  • Chapter 20 State Life Insurance Law
  • Chapter 21 State Health Insurance Law