Hidden Power of Blend Modes in Adobe Photoshop, The

Hidden Power of Blend Modes in Adobe Photoshop, The
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  • ISBN-10: 0-321-82376-1
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-321-82376-2
  • Copyright 2012
  • Pages: 224
  • Edition: 1st

This definitive resource on using Adobe Photoshop blend modes, features dozens of hands-on examples to give you an edge in technical, personal, and commercial projects

Blend modes are an essential, if somewhat mysterious, tool for photographers and digital artists. They can be used to for a wide range of imaging effects and challenges, such as noise reduction, working with high dynamic range (HDR) images, compositing, graphic design, and digital painting. Although blend modes can be easy to use, they aren't always easy to understand. Scott Valentine translates the technical elements into every day language and demonstrates techniques using real-world examples.

Whether you're a professional or hobbyist, there's something here for you. Beginning and intermediate users of Photoshop will learn how blend modes work and get up to speed on the most common techniques. The book will also feature power tips and blend mode techniques from industry experts, including Katrin Eismann, Matt Kloskowski, and RC Concepcion. Advanced and technical users will find indispensable references along with powerful enhancements and corrections. More than just a collection of effects and recipes, The Hidden Power of Blend Modes explains why the techniques work and how to tune them for your own specific needs.


The Hidden Power of Photoshop Blend Modes: General Techniques

The Hidden Power of Photoshop Blend Modes: Removing Vignetting

Sample Pages

Download Chapter 4: Photographic Manipulation & Compositing

Table of Contents

Part 1 — General Techniques

Ch 1 - Introduction

What are blend modes

What tools use blend modes

Color space and bit depth

Ch 2 - General Techniques

Painting & Paths

Fading Effects

Adjustment Layers

Apply Image


Layer Controls

Combining Blends

Part 2 — Blend Mode Techniques

Ch 3 - Photographic Adjustments

Ch 4 - Photographic Effects & Compositing

Ch 5 - Graphic Design, Painting, & Illustration

Ch 6 - Data & Technical

Part 3 - List of Blend Modes


Appendix A - Color Modes and Bit Depth

Appendix B - Table of Blend Modes Reference

Appendix C - References & Downloads